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Taxi Hits Pizza Delivery Man On Scooter

COCOA BEACH, Florida — A Cocoa Beach Taxi cab collided with a 36-year-old Pizza Hut delivery man while he was riding a motor scooter near Rum Runners on State Road A1A in Cocoa Beach, Florida around 10:30 p.m. last night.

Cocoa Beach Police and Fire Rescue arrived on scene immediately after the accident. A fellow Pizza Hut employee also arrived on scene and said that the man had just left on a delivery.

Rescue crews issued a trauma alert and the auto accident victim was transported from the scene via a Cocoa Beach Fire Rescue ambulance to the field adjacent to the Cocoa Beach Fire Department for air transport as a precautionary measure. 

The man was airlifted via First Flight helicopter to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne, Florida.
Photos: Christopher Blair / Brevard Times

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  • I am pretty sure that the scooter hit the taxi from the look these pictures

  • That's what you get for having "Name you're own price" Cab drivers driving like lunatics. Now the public pays the price.

  • Wow I guess this is a pissing match. People can air dirty laundry about every owner. One owner beats their wife with a guy. Not in the paper. One owner gets arrested for drugs. Not in the paper. One owner gets arrested for running a call girl service. Man the list can go on and on

  • Look at this? this is just going to go on and on and nothing,will become of it, like always,we lost focus.when the public,looks at this i wonder what they are thinking of all of this?

  • wow you must be one of them cab Drivers that been driveing a cab for how long? did you get a 1099 tax return? did you pay it or did you take all your cash and tips and spend it at the bars?

  • Hey, that is how Taxi's are where ever you may go or be. That is why Laws are made. Here in Brevard County we have a serious problem, the laws are not enforced. It isn't Cocoa Beach Pay What You Want Taxi's fault for having a bad tag, no insurance, no license to operate in this County, it is Brevard County's fault. Cocoa Beach taxi is complained about regular by other Taxi Company's, the Law enforcement knew for fact they operated with out license or Commercial Insurance due to the last motorcycle rear ended by one of their Vans in Cape Canaveral. Why didn't Law enforcement at least give them a ticket ? The County has led the march to these events and are responsable for the individual the was hit the other night. How is it said? Ignorance is not a defense? The County isn't ignorant to the State Laws and County ordanances written by Leguslator's that have dealt with these issues in the past and put laws together for our safety and their own. So, will humans be humans if allowed? You bet, and that is the case here. Above you will see what is required to start a Taxi business in Brevard Corrupty, Old car, bald Tires, No License, No insurance and your in there and for those that don't believe this, go look for County license Stickers on any of the taxi's here, include all of them and you'll find even the newer Van's and Fancied up Company's are not licensed. County Inspection and license cost only 10.00 BUT>>>>You must give proof of Commercial Insurance. Does this give you an ideal of what to look for when entering a Taxi if you feel that having insurance is a good idea? I'd take a peek at the tires too!!

  • Hopefully they have a thought for the guy on the scooter and to be more aware of what is going on here, they can be next to be at the Hospital being told the County refused to enforce laws and ordanances so they are responsable for what some Taxi driver did to them with out a county license, invalid TAGS,no commercial insurance, non-inspected for safety vehicle driven by a driver that doesn't qualify to be one by Commercial Insurance rules and regulations.

  • With the point above being taken seriously, We will be in Vieira today to pick up paper work and get back in front of the Commissioners again while this is still fresh. Those of you whom are legal or would like to be, that would like to join us in presenting the issues outlined in the Blogs above, Please give us a call 321-698-2508. We are Adults, we are in an area that demands Safe, Secure, Professional Service. We must do whatever it takes to provide it. AAA PorterPoints Taxi

  • Today is the 7th of May. The invitation to legal (or want to be legal)Taxi Company's was posted on the 24th of April. After all that has been said above concerning Brevard having a safe, secure transportation code that is enforced for our own and our customer protection, that we have got more than ZERO reply's to assist in gaining these codes at the Commissioners meeting that WILL be held May 15, 2012 in Viera @ 9:00am. Although we did not hear from anyone, you are welcome to come find out what your fines will be.

  • and quess what? all of the Drivers are running from paying taxes.and skimming all the owners. just running wild. do what you wont todo. this is a free for all go to how many company has a federal tax iD # just get a car and write taxi on it no one is going to stop you.

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