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Titusville Man Dies In Motorcycle Crash

PORT ST. JOHN, Florida — The Florida Highway Patrol is reporting that 59-year-old Stephen Moore of Titusville, Florida, died as the result of injuries he sustained in a motorcycle crash in Port St. John, Florida.

Just before 5 p.m. today, 21-year-old Garrett Shrader of Melbourne, Florida, was driving a 1996 Dodge Ram westbound on Fay Boulevard while approaching the intersection of Grissom Parkway in Port St. John, Florida.

FHP troopers say that Shrader had a steady red light signal as he approached the intersection while Moore had a steady green light as he approached the intersection when traveling northbound on Grissom Parkway on a 2006 Honda motorcycle.

For reason’s unknown to FHP, Shrader allegedly failed to obey the red light and stop at the intersection.  The Ram’s front end collided with the Honda’s right side within the intersection.

Moore was transported from the accident scene to Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne.

Shrader, and his 22-year-old passenger, Travis Hartt of Cocoa, Florida, did not suffer any injuries.

FHP says that alcohol was not a factor in the accident.

FHP says the accident remains under investigation as to charges.

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  • This was my sweet, wonderful brother. Why can't people look twice and save a life? Steve did nothing wrong. At least he's with God now...

  • Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts. I'm back in Georgia now and it's very difficult to get through the day, much less the night. I feel lost at times and don't know what to do. With God's help, I'll make it through.

  • Thanks from his wonderful sister. I sure do wish I knew who this was so I could get an extra hug...

  • Thanks so much, Trish, Wes, Brad and Kelley. Thanks also for being a wonderful support for Nicole. She was such a strength for me down in Titusville. Welcome to our family and we need to get together soon.

  • Thank you for your prayers. Your son is wise beyond his years. Steve will be greatly missed.

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