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Shark Catches Wave With Florida Surfer

A spinner shark catches a wave with a surfer in Florida. Credit: Jordon Waldron via Facebook.

PALM BEACH, Florida – A shark photobombed a Florida surfer who was riding a wave off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida on Thursday.

“There were tons of sharks today,” photographer Jordan Waldron told NBC affiliate WPTV. “It was most likely a spinner shark as I saw some earlier jumping out of the water.”

Waldron was taking pictures of her boyfriend, Emmanuel Roig, surfing when the shark  photobombed the surfer while riding a wave.

Spinner sharks can be found all along the Florida coast line and get their name from their behavior of leaping out of the water while spinning as they pursue prey. These slender sharks can grow up to 10 feet in length but still only weigh up to 200 pounds.

According to the University of Florida Department of Ithyology, the gray-bronze spinner shark is often mistaken for a blacktip shark. Although spinner sharks can be a danger to humans, their teeth are designed for grabbing small prey rather than tearing at large prey, so they doesn’t perceive humans as food unless it is confused during feeding.

In addition to other shark species, thousands of blacktip sharks make the waters off of South Florida their home every year in February and March during their annual migration.

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