Florida Woman

Palm Bay Woman Tries To Run Over Ex-Boyfriend Twice After Break-Up

PALM BAY, Florida – A Florida woman was arrested after she allegedly attempted to run her ex-boyfriend over with her vehicle twice after he told her their one-year relationship was over.

19-year-old Jazmine Lyvette Dewberry of Palm Bay went to her then boyfriend’s house on Monday.

When she arrived, she allegedly became upset because the mother of her boyfriend’s child was at the residence. That’s when the boyfriend told Jazmine their relationship was over.

Jazmine then allegedly told her boyfriend she was going to run him over with her vehicle. She then allegedly backed her vehicle down the roadway and drove through her boyfriend’s front yard.

The boyfriend attempted to jump on the hood of the vehicle – but was unsuccessful. The impact flipped him over the vehicle and he landed on his head. Jazmine’s vehicle then struck a tree.

Jazmine then allegedly attempted to back up her vehicle to run over the boyfriend – but instead hit a mailbox.

When Palm Bay police arrived on the scene, they saw Jazmine striking the boyfriend’s child’s mother with a tree branch.

Jazmine was charged with Dating Violence Aggravated Battery, Trespassing, and Battery.

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